The Best Nike Sleep Clothes for Comfort

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Suit up to snooze with these eight cozy essentials from Nike.

Last updated: October 12, 2022
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The Best Nike Sleep Clothes for Women and Men

Clothing can often make — or break — a good sleep. Choose a fabric that’s too heavy, and you risk waking up in a pool of sweat. Pick a garment with minimal insulation, and you might be shivering instead.

Made from a variety of soft, breathable, comfy fabrics, including organic cotton and fleece, these Nike shirts are primed for sleep. From lived-in T-shirts to fuzzy socks, read on to assemble your ideal bedtime outfit.

Nike Organic Cotton Tops and T-Shirts

For sleep or lounging, a loose-fitting top is essential. Nike organic cotton tops and T-shirts have a weightless feel. This includes the Nike Sportswear Essentials T-Shirt, which is built with a roomy, loose fit.

Nike Fleece Hoodies and Pullovers

Whether you’re looking for an insulative top layer to sleep in when temperatures dip or want to feel cozy leading up to bedtime, fleece hoodies and pullovers from Nike are a top choice.

Nike Breathable Socks

If socks aren’t part of your regular sleeping outfit, it’s time to add them. Research has shown that wearing socks to bed can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, improve overall sleep duration and reduce middle-of-the-night wake-ups. Choose a pair like the Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Crew Socks made from sweat-wicking yarns.

Nike Loose Fleece Shorts

For when temperatures are high (or your comforter is thick), Nike loose fleece shorts are ideal. The Nike Sportswear Phoenix Fleece High-Waisted Shorts, for example, have an extra-roomy fit with a secure drawcord to keep them from slipping while you sleep.

Nike Matching Sets

Wake up from a long sleep or lounge in a matching set from Nike. The Nike Sportswear Crewneck Top and High-Waist Shorts — each featuring a cloud-dye print — contain breathable cotton materials and a looser fit throughout.

Nike Alate Sports Bras

For those who prefer to sleep with some chest coverage, Nike Alate sports bras are the way to go. With non-constricting fabric and a frictionless design, they’re made to feel like a second skin. Pick from varying levels of compression, strap types and necklines.

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Nike Epic Luxe Tights and Leggings

Epic Luxe is a fabric that feels smooth to the touch — perfect for sleep. These leggings are also breathable, with many varieties containing sweat-wicking materials and multiple points for ventilation to keep the body cool under the covers.

Nike Fleece Joggers

In cold temperatures, a fleece-lined pair of joggers can be a sleeper’s best friend. Size up for a loose, flexible fit or choose your typical size for a more snug feel. Bonus: You can wear Nike fleece joggers to your favorite coffee shop after rising.

Words by Julia Sulliva, ACE CPT

Originally published: October 5, 2022

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