The Best Nike CrossFit Gifts to Shop Now

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Empower CrossFit athletes of all levels with gifts from this guide.

Last updated: January 20, 2023
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The Best Nike CrossFit Gifts

Whether they’re new to CrossFit or spend almost every day at their local box, the CrossFit athlete in your life can benefit from high-performance Nike accessories, footwear and apparel to level up their CrossFit workout of the day (WOD).

From grippy training shoes built for stability to sweat-wicking apparel and recovery tools, these gift ideas are built to support an intense workout routine.

Check out eight Nike CrossFit gift ideas below.

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8 Nike Gifts Ideas for CrossFit Athletes

1. Nike Training Shoes

Ask any CrossFitter, and they'll rave about the importance of a stable, supportive shoe. WODs call for a range of multidirectional movements, which means a running shoe designed for forward motion won't cut it.

Enter the Nike selection of training shoes. With enough grip and traction to prevent slips and falls and a level of durability primed for high-impact movements, Nike training shoes will keep the CrossFitter in your life light and secure on their feet.

The best Nike shoes for CrossFit have features like a grippy rubber tread, responsive midsole cushioning and a wide, flat heel, making the Nike Metcon shoe an optimal CrossFit gift.

The flat base of the Nike Metcon training shoe helps keep athletes stable while weight lifting, and the rubber outsole provides traction to crush rope climbs. Lightweight mesh throughout the shoe provides breathability to keep air moving. Plus, in the Nike Metcon 8, the handstand clip at the heel helps minimize drag during wall exercises.

2. Nike Socks

A pair of Nike socks is always a safe bet — especially for CrossFit athletes. While lengths range from no-show, ankle or crew length, some CrossFitters opt for higher pairs to act as a barrier between their shins and the barbell during deadlifts, for example.

Breathable, sweat-wicking fabric found in Nike training socks helps keep the feet cool and dry, so athletes can avoid the feeling of sweaty, clammy feet once their workout is finished. And light padding underfoot helps absorb some of the shock from box jumps.

From classic white to bold patterns, there's a pair of Nike socks for every CrossFitter's style.

3. Nike Slides

One way to keep a pair of training shoes in top condition is to wear them only during workouts. Gift the CrossFit aficionado in your life a pair of Nike sandals or slides that they can wear to and from the CrossFit box. Plus, comfy slippers or slides are just the thing to give an athlete’s feet some much-deserved pampering between workouts.

Slides with Nike Air technology offer cushioning with unbeatable comfort and support. Other features include warm, fleece lining for chilly weather. For something simple, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of no-fuss flip-flops.

4. Nike Pro Workout Apparel

Nike Pro training apparel is built for high-level athletic performance at the gym. From shorts and leggings to tank tops and insulative base layers, this collection contains sweat-wicking training apparel for every weather condition and style of workout.

5. Nike Water Bottles

A Nike water bottle is a budget-friendly and practical gift for a CrossFitter. Opt for stainless-steel styles that keep liquids cold all day. Plus, the durable material can handle getting knocked down or tossed in a gym bag without fear of cracking or spilling.

Nike also offers squeezable designs so athletes can quickly hydrate during rest periods. Tight seals and flip-top lids also ensure there are no leaks or drips. For long sessions or hot-weather workouts, opt for a large, 64-ounce jug.

6. Nike Gym Bags

Help your loved one organize their gear with a Nike gym bag. These backpacks and duffels are built with multiple pockets to stash everything from a jump rope to a change of clean clothes for after a WOD. A durable bag with various pockets ensures that fresh, clean gear can stay separate from sweaty, post-workout items.

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7. Nike Sports Bras

From classic racerback designs to high-neck styles to front-closure bras, there are tons of medium- and high-support Nike sports bras well-suited for high-intensity workouts like CrossFit.

Sweat-wicking fabric is a must-have feature of a CrossFit bra; be sure to look for a style that contains Nike Dri-FIT technology. Consider a Nike Alpha bra for a style with high support. These sports bras offer features like padding, adjustable straps and encapsulated cups for the most customized and comfortable fit.

Alternatively, opt for a bra that comes in both medium- and high-support styles like the classic Nike Swoosh. These bras feature a tight, compressive feel with wide straps and flat seams. In high-support Swoosh styles, the bra's structured support and adjustable band help hold the breasts in place.

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8. Nike Gift Card

When in doubt, go for a foolproof Nike gift idea: a gift card. Perfect for when you're in a time pinch or at a loss for what to buy, gift cards guarantee that the CrossFitter in your life can select the best gift for themselves. Give a Nike gift card via email or mail or in person.

Words by Emily DiNuzzo

Originally published: January 13, 2023

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