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Here is a listing of people who have contacted us over the years.  We do not include address, telephone numbers or e-mail address so that those who do contact us have privacy.  If you wish to contact them, send us a message and we will forward that message to them.
Site T 10                 Robert Mullinex

I served at Travis defense site T 10 in 1965 and 1966 as a generator operator. Do you know anybody that was there at that time?
Site M 74                      Paul LeDoux

I was assigned to this site right out of basic training. I believe that I remember Ed Cencebaugh. I arrived there around Thanksgiving, 1957, and worked in the Launch Area. I left to attend the Hercules Fire Control course 44NF10, I believe, in early 1958. Never got back to a site. Ended up working night shift Maintenance in the Radar Park, where the hardware training was conducted.

The Section leader of our pit was  Sergeant Smith, naturally everyone called him Smitty. My mind is almost 74 years old and it remembers everything, just not all of the time.

Site M 02              Roger Van Boxtel

Site M 02 - Milwaukee Defense Area - Brown Deer,
as we knew it was actually in River Hills.  The Site Headquarters was on Brown Deer Road, but the Site name did come from the mailing address -
Brown Deer.
Site M 96                 William N. Beard

I served at the Milwaukee site. I think it was D battery at the same location of the
Battalion Headquarters - 5000 W. Silver Springs Drive.

I was there in 57 and 58. I was TDY the second winter to play basketball.
Bill Beard  -  New Castle, Indiana.
Site M 02                     Gene Nystrom

I was the first Fire Control Offcer at M-02, Brown Deer / River Hills  ( A Btry 852nd).  We set up the site in Sept 56. I was there throughout 1957. 

I was in SAM Package 8 at Ft. Bliss and Red Canyon which departed for Milwaukee Mid August '56.

Had a number of very interesing experiences while there,  especially late October '56, during the Hungarian uprising.  The defense was alerted ("Increased Intelligence Watch" : a "strong
likelihood of air attack by the Soviet Long-range Airforce") on a Friday afternoon.  Early Sat. morning ( ~ 2 am ), we had "Battle Stations"  - not "Blazing Skies" ( the simulated attack alert ).  

Three unidentified aircraft came through Canada
and Upper Michigan.  We were northern-most battery, and the aircraft came down within our primary field of fire - along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. 

   We were given instructions by AAOC  to "fire at maximum range" if the aircraft were not ID'd.  F-89s from Madison Truax were in the air.  No IFF resonse from the 3 targets in a V-formation.  I came within 8 seconds of firing  (max time of flight + 8 seconds). when they were ID'd as B-52s out of Thule.   Very early the next Tuesday morning  the same thing happened ( 3 B-47's).  That time 12 seconds to max range.

  Fault:  improper transponder codes in USAF aircraft.    I had my thumb on the switch on each occasion, knees shaking badly.

Site NF 16                   David A. Taber

I was stationed at Cambria, New York from 11/62 to 9/65.  I was a computer operator in the Command Van in the Fire Control Area.

    I have been back to B-1-4 lately and found not much left of it.  I would welcome any correspondence from people who were there during that time.
  Anthony "Tony" Tannucilli
Site M 86              Frank "Nick" Nicassio

I served from Jan 1958 through Sep 1960 in the IFC of Site M86 located near (3 miles) Menomenee Falls and VERY near (spitting distance) from Lanon, WI.

During that time period, we were designated:

C Battery, 852 AAA Missile Bn, 61st Arty, and
C Battery, 3rd Missle Bn, 59th ADA (Nike-Ajax)

... about 1959 or 1960 a person on switchboard duty sounded the alarm because of an incoming aircraft that evidently did not respond to a challenge from some other location
(a site further north? The Air Force?).

We experienced a fair number of "blazing skies" and even an occasional "battle stations."

Joseph Clements

I served from 1959-1962 as an IFC Crewman in the NY City area defense at the Orangeburg, NY dual site (Battery A, 7th Artillery) and participated in a number of ASPís at McGregor Range in NM.

I also was a civilian employee of the NY National Guard from 1963 -1965. We ran three sites that were turned over to the Guard. The Spring Valley Ajax site, the Kensico Ajax site (North White Plains) and finally the Orangeburg site.

I worked at other sites as they were retired and decommissioned (Rocky Point, NY, Amityville, NY).  Met a lot of great people and still are in contact with some around the country. Our outfits havenít had any reunions Iím aware of but then again, I may have missed them.    Joe Clements
To Defend and Deter
Nike Missile